Truck #2 gets an Extreme Makeover

Truck 2 spent the first part of 2013 under the knife, getting a top-to-bottom upgrade to HD that includes a 40 x 40 3G/HD/SD-SDI router, two Adtec EN-81 encoders, over 11,000 feet of cable and 18 HD capable displays. With 16 channels of Adtec audio and all the pixels of 720p High Definition video landing on a huge Taurus antenna in Bristol Connecticut, Moonlink Truck 2 becomes the latest in Moonlink Satellite’s fleet to be ESPN Qualified.  Moonlink’s stable of trucks is now fully HD MPEG 2, MPEG 4,

DVB-S/S2 QPSK/8PSK capable, and every one can now transmit 16 channels of audio.

Here are a few pictures of truck # 2’s major renovation.

Dan Dinneweth - The man with the engineering plan!

He oversaw every detail of this build from start to finish.

Tony D'Annunzio got started pulling out the old gear that was mounted in the racks.

Owner Jeff Moon gets his hands busy removing thousands of feet of old wire and cabling.

Near empty racks finally, this empty canvas awaits the artist.

Dan starting to mount some new gear into the racks.

Operator Steve Rowe shows his excitement and approval of the progress being made.

Chris Thorn soldering wires a b c to connectors 1 2 3. Kids don’t try this at home!

Dan spent weeks huddled in the too-small-for-a-grown-man space behind the racks wiring.

This is NOT your mamas spaghetti. This is a master plan coming together, just beautiful.

All of our talented crew put in many long days helping to finish this project. Here Jeff Moon puts the final connections on the I/O patch bay.

A smiling Jeff Moon looks on as Truck #2 exits the shop to begin providing state-of-the art quality service to our clients.